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The Idea

Our world is not just facing a crisis of microplastics but also of waste management where the food and agricultural industries are the major contributors. These industries produce a significant amount of waste or by-products, which often end up in landfills or incineration, leading to environmental pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. To tackle both problems, we have developed a patent-pending circular zero-waste process that utilizes these waste or side streams as feedstock for the production of bacterial cellulose.



The Team

We are a team of 18 highly skilled individuals, who possess a unique combination of expertise that sets us apart. Our co-founders are 2nd time founders with 30+ years of combined scientific and business experience. Leading our R&D teams are brilliant scientists with strong international scientific careers, accumulating over 40 years of experience.


Your experiences so far during the HTI...

Being part of the HTI Growhouse project has provided us with invaluable support and guidance from Seedhouse and the consortium partners, which is fundamental for our success in the future. The access to top-notch facilities and financial assistance, as well as the collaborative and innovative community has allowed us to make significant progress on our bio-based hydrocolloid project.


What else would you like to achieve during the HTI?

During our time at HTI Growhouse, we're excited to keep advancing our bio-based hydrocolloid project and get it ready for the market. We also hope to meet new potential partners, attract talents, and secure more funding to help us grow and make a real impact.



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